“The Fairy Tale My Editor Rejected” by Alina Stefanescu

September 18, 2017

I wanted to write a fairy tale about fracking. The tale would include special creatures, frack-fairies, with seven-syllable chemical superpowers and tiny parcels of invisible frack-dust said to cover the meadows at midnight.

There would be magical events, Frackfests, when stars would shoot up from cracks in the earth’s crust and the ground would dance in happy waves. Small furry mammals and friendly reptiles would frack-a-long.

It was idyllic but little girls expressed disdain for the frack-fairies’ green teeth and gangrenous eyelids in consumer survey polls. The poll-readers concluded that little girls preferred traditional fairy guises in light pastels without oozing vessels and undefined orifices.

There was anger in my voice when I spoke with my editor.  I said we can’t expect the world to look unfracked in a fracking fairytale. I said you are a good editor and well ahead of her game. I said the time has come to embrace imaginary worlds with chemical fairies and covertly-active baby cancer cells minnowing through placid streams.

The editor gently reminded me she preferred fantasy and fairy songs to realistic, quasi-literary fiction.


Alina StefanescuAlina Stefanescu was born in Romania and lives in Alabama with her partner and four small mammals. She won the 2015 Ryan R. Gibbs Flash Fiction Award and was a finalist for the 2015 Robert Dana Poetry Award. Her poetry chapbook, “Objects In Vases”, was published by Anchor & Plume in March 2016. She aims for an ontology which would satisfy Hannah Arendt, Norman Manea, and Tom Waits. More online at www.alinastefanescu.com.

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