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What are you waiting for? Order your copy of Moon Law, already!

We only realized the punning potential of Samantha Duncan’s new chapbook Moon Law (that link will take you to the store so you can order your very own copy) after the release date had been set for a Tuesday (today!). This is probably a good thing in the end, but we’re still bummed that we can’t wish you all a Happy Moonday. Get it?!

Let’s pause a minute while you roll your eyes and groan.

Now let’s get serious. Moon Law is a work of narrative poetry that speaks to everyone who’s ever drifted away from a friend, a lover, a family member. It speaks to people who love pop culture references and biting social commentary. It speaks to everyone who’s ever wondered if the grass is really greener on the other side but suspected it probably isn’t.

“Page” one, back and front.

The book comes in the form of postcards, with a poem printed on one side and a gorgeous illustration on the other side. The postcards fit neatly in a clear plastic box accented with a red vinyl ribbon, just as if they’d come from a lover. Each copy is hand-numbered and signed by the author.

Text and images speak to each other and the loneliness of being human. The postcards beg to be read, to be loved, individually and as a whole. Buy two copies of the book, and you could even get them framed, reinvent the text as your own love story.

Moon whispers to you. Can you hear it?

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#MoonLaw Haiku Contest Winners

Wild Age Press is proud to announce the three winners of the Moon Law haiku contest, judged by author Samantha Duncan. Each winner will receive a free, signed copy of Moon Law. Jealous? Order your copy now!

Moon Law haiku by Libby Ferguson

Moon Law haiku by Machelle Berglund

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