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SALT Available Now!

Salt BookmarkWell, ladies and gentlemen, after many trials and tribulations, Salt, a poetry broadsheet by Laura LeHew, has arrived. Salt ships with a lovely 4oz. glass bottle of crimson lemon verbena bath salts — use them to take a relaxing bath while you contemplate Laura’s poem, or display them with the poem.

Buy SALT now for $10, or bundle it with another one of our titles for $15!

This is an important publication for Wild Age Press for a number of reasons. With a first publication, everything is shiny and new and exciting. When the second publication comes around, some of the newness has worn off, but the shine is still there. You’re still running on that well of excitement that comes with a young venture. But by the third book, all the shiny newness and excitement has worn off. It’s become a Thing That You Do. It’s become something like work — incredibly satisfying, rewarding work, but still — work.

For us, there’s no boss standing over our shoulder, no bottom line urging us on. This whole production is a labor of love. Salt almost didn’t happen — things got rocky for awhile. But Wild Age Press puts out work we believe in, and we believe in Salt. So we put in the time and the effort to bring this poem to you, and we are so happy that we did.

We think you’ll be happy that we did, too. Take a few minutes to get to know Laura and her work over on our book page dedicated to Salt, or visit Laura’s website.

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Announcing SALT, a poem by Laura LeHew

Salt BookmarkWild Age Press is proud to officially announce the upcoming release in April of Salt by Laura LeHew, a poem about truth and bath salts.

If you think back a year and a half, Laura was the runner up to 2012′s Anything Goes contest. We had originally planned to publish Salt in spring 2013, but suffice it to say the stars did not align. You could kind of read Salt as a poem about alignment, if you wanted to. It’s a poem about a lot of things. We really like it.

With Salt, we’re going to continue the tradition we started with Moon Law of publishing literature in new and innovative ways. This single poem can hold its own as a force of literature, but we’re going to release it with a bottle of bath salts, because we want to get you thinking about the poem in a way you wouldn’t have otherwise.

For more information about Salt and Laura, check out the book/author page here, and then get excited.

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