Wild Age Press is currently closed to submissions of literature. Check back in the next month or so for a new project announcement. We’ll announce all calls for submissions on our blog, so if you’d like to be alerted when submissions open again, you can subscribe to our RSS feed.


Although we aren’t looking for submissions right now, we are looking for a marketing director and several assistant editors comfortable working with fiction and poetry (or assistant editors who are interested in taking on marketing duties). These are volunteer positions, but we are looking for people who will take ownership of the press and become partners, not people who want to be told exactly what to do. Job titles are negotiable depending on what duties you take on.

You do not have to live near the press to apply, but being able to participate in Google video chat or Skype would be helpful. We expect a time commitment of about five hours per week on average, but this will vary depending on what projects we are working on. Some weeks might require more time, some weeks might require no time.

Look around this site to learn more about us and the books we publish.

We want candidates who posses at least a few of the following skills/talents/passion:

  • Someone with an eye for cutting-edge literature.
  • Someone who knows how to read literature critically.
  • Someone who can articulately defend their choices.
  • Someone who loves social media and has a proven track record engaging an audience using platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.
  • Someone who has experience using email marketing to sell products.
  • Someone with graphic design skills.

Some of the things you might do:

  • Read the slush pile and help the publisher decide what to publish in the zine.
  • Take ownership of Wild Age Press’s social media profiles and make them awesome by updating them every day (or on a schedule we work out).
  • Create an email newsletter and use it to further engage our audience and sell some books.
  • Come up with ideas for contests and publishing projects, and find ways to fund them.
  • Go to book fairs and events and represent Wild Age Press and sell our books.
  • Come up with other cool marketing campaigns that will distinguish Wild Age Press as an independent literary press.

We are more interested in people who will be committed and passionate about their work than people with long lists of accomplishments. Fancy degrees are not required, but we would like to see that you have some experience with a lit mag, zine, newspaper, or newsletter, or equivalent education (BA, MA, or MFA in writing or English lit). If you don’t have any direct experience but are still interested, you may have relevant transferable skills. It’s up to you to convince us you’d make a good editor/marketing director.

To apply, please send the following documents pasted in the body of an email to submissions [at]

  • A brief cover letter that goes over your relevant experience (links to websites and/or social media profiles are helpful and encouraged).
  • For potential assistant editors only: Pick a published book of literary fiction or poetry that you’ve read and pretend it is being considered for publication by Wild Age Press. Write a micro-review of 500 words or less either arguing for or against the publication of this book. Your actual opinion doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not you can defend your choice successfully.
  • For potential marketing directors only: Pick any published book of literary fiction or poetry you’ve read and come up with a mini marketing campaign for it (one page or less). How would you sell it using social media? Print media? Be creative, but try to keep it somewhat grounded in the reality of budgets and costs.
  • For potential assistant editors who are interested in being marketers: Pick a book of literary fiction or poetry you would want to publish, write a 300-word review defending your choice as described above, and then develop a mini-marketing campaign for it.

We will accept applications until July 31, or until positions are filled. Notice will be posted on our website if postings close before the end of July.

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