“Spin” by Meg Reynolds

September 29, 2015

Rain comes and I watch the drops clapping
on crab apple trees. The fruit already swells
with autumn in August, red hankers
on the branch. Last night’s sunset loosed
into liquid, quiet, shocking that such a finale comes
down as quietly as the spider I had to crush
in the car door. It sprinted across the dash
and hid in the metal lip. Could it feel the electric edge
sliding into the space it spun itself into?
I made the long drive with a silent body dying.

At home I think of round things: the heavy gray
spider abdomen, the yolk of sun, the red hung
in raindrops raised on the skin of slipping apples,
my nipple-tipped breasts in a tank top I want
you to touch. Today doors slammed.
I imagined my hands in the door-jambs,
my bones sheering back against the strike, the lightning
break and my tendons tightened against what the door may
or may not do. Can’t you see why I want you? The world spins
into more and more. I am almost patient, almost
soaked through. The more I notice, the more
I demand your hands. I am paying attention.


bioimageMeg Reynolds is a local teacher, writer, and artist living in Winooski, Vermont. She holds her BA in English and Arts and Visual Culture from Bates College and her MFA in poetry from Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine. Her work has been published in EstThe SalonPrelude, and Prime Number Magazine. She teaches at Centerpoint School in Winooski, and is the co-director of writinginsideVT, an organization that offers supportive writing instruction at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility in Burlington, Vermont. She is the co-founder of Pine Street Poets whose self-titled chapbook was recently published through Honeybee Press.

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  1. Vintage Meg . . . you know I LOVE your words, any of them, all of them; no point writing resonant lines as I’d just end up repeating the entire poem. Some that leap off the page: ‘raindrops raised on the skin of slipping apples’, ‘my bones sheering back against the strike’, ‘The more I notice, the more I demand.’ I also love your bio – look at those pub’s adding up!!! Way to go, Meg.

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