Restless: An E-Zine

Wild Age Press Is Back!

You may have noticed that Wild Age Press hasn’t been active over the past year. Between family illness, grad school responsibilities, duties at home, and my own writing, I was forced to put the press on hiatus. I am truly sorry that I left some things hanging during this time, Read More

“Irreversible” by Rebecca Watkins

Don’t read after midnight. You never want to wake up thinking. Thinking is an irreversible act— the beginning of a blistering bastard of a day. Don’t eat candy apples from the 7-11. Don’t keep your bee stings crying in a jar just to remember how music feels. Don’t tell your Read More

“Teenage Mother Spurns Welfare” by Marlena Johns

Call me to mind when I’m strong and I walk, head held high, away from fear. Remember who I am when I push doubt aside to decide my future and that of my child. Remember when my needs flow like milk from a swollen breast that I was strong ’cause Read More

“On Not Viewing ‘American Masters: Alexander Calder'” by Austin Sanchez-Moran

I fell asleep in my smock on a paint-splattered stool on the last day of 3rd grade. The teacher had popped in a tape and behind the white static lines, a firm voice spoke of “retrospective”. Two white-haired men strolled in under huge, wiry hangers of red balancing steel in Read More

“Brain-Eating Amoeba” by Jacqueline Jules

A boy died in Houston today. Victim of a brain-eating amoeba. CNN says there are 2.5 cases a year. Maybe I should stop swimming in lakes. Never mind the dozens not stricken on that sunny summer day in the same shimmering water. I must add it to my nightmares— a Read More