Restless: An E-Zine

Introduction to the Black Lives Matter Special Issue

Introduction to the Black Lives Matter Special Issue by RESTLESS Guest Editor Katrina Otuonye Read the rest of the Black Lives Matter Special Issue here. When my mother cleans anything, she takes everything out. Of the fridge, the pantry, the papers in the bill box. Everything is strewn on the Read More

“Santa Clara Server Room” by Henry Crawford

it’s already [tomorrow] in Shanghai [midnight] in [Palo Alto] and I’m working with Kumar “Leisure Suit Larry” using [SQL commands] on big iron [Oracle] with [SELECT statements] and [WHERE clauses] searching [container] ships for a [box] gone missing in the South China Sea [an odd lot] of Jimmy Buffet [bobble Read More

“The Fairy Tale My Editor Rejected” by Alina Stefanescu

I wanted to write a fairy tale about fracking. The tale would include special creatures, frack-fairies, with seven-syllable chemical superpowers and tiny parcels of invisible frack-dust said to cover the meadows at midnight. There would be magical events, Frackfests, when stars would shoot up from cracks in the earth’s crust Read More

“VALENTINE” by Nancy Scott

I’ve put on East Coast flannel, chosen the TV remote, surfed sounds of Picture Perfect and An Affair to Remember, landing at last at my own Magnificent Obsession, knowing the blind woman whines too much given that the rich Rock Hudson character has reason to protect her and that she Read More

“All That Breath” by Ben Slotky

You have spent maybe 35 minutes today thinking about tiny oranges. Tiny oranges are very popular. They’re called cuties. Everybody eats them, all the time. You think about how many people you will see today; you wonder how many of them will have tiny oranges. In their lunchboxes, in their Read More