Restless: An E-Zine

“Tell Me How You Want Me To Tell You” by Domenic Maltempi and Rachel J. Bennett

<><><> Tell Me How You Want Me to Tell You: The Board Game™ (On the box: A happy family [boy, girl, mom, dad, a ferret, a crook] sitting around a table. Two of them are trying on masks [under no circumstances the ferret]). Q: What are the rules? A: Just………..invent Read More

“I-5” by Constance Renfrow

  Constance Renfrow is an editor at Three Rooms Press; an editor and publishing consultant at; and an avid Victorianist. Her fiction and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in such places as Petrichor Machine, Cabildo Quarterly, Denim Skin, and Magical, and her nonfiction has been featured on DIY MFA and LitroNY. Naturally she’s working on her three-volume Read More

“When the Craftsman Found His Lover Six Weeks Dead” by Holly Hunt

When the Craftsman Found His Lover Six Weeks Dead He was not a soul to meander, So he set her on fire and fanned her, For clearly, she stunk Like the prettiest skunk— Then he polished her skull with a sander.   Holly Hunt’s poetry has been published in wonderful Read More

“Between Nogales and the Border” by Jim McGarrah

The desert gives birth to Prickly Pear cactus as the gunmetal blue of night fades to gray. What remains of darkness—the decaying earth, an echo of the world laughing, and one coyote stretched across the asphalt as an early morning offering to the god of diesel. The beast has been Read More

“Lance Corporal DeAvila” by David Joez Villaverde

Father, I once knew a boy who was just like me and his father was just like you, and we had the same name and the same mother, even though she was different, we were the same yet not, but our world was never enough for him, and as soon Read More