Restless: An E-Zine

“On the Dalmatian Coast” by Lana Spendl

In a moment of bravery Vinka volunteered to interview the painter for the school paper, and now she had to push herself forward and find his beach house and shake hands with him and nod approval to his sentences. Lost, she trod down the deserted beach, water to one side, Read More

“face” by Camille Thigpen

the sun treads softly upon our shoulders as step by step we slip (clip clop like a ba-thump ba- thump like a tick-tock) across the beach composed of pebbles & rocks you then, you who are composed of brambles & letters & lashing wind, you sit facing the tide (a Read More

Unexpected Spring Break

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, RESTLESS will take a break from publishing in April. We will still be reading and responding to submissions, so send them in (especially your Pride Month subs)! See you in May!

“Speak, Road” by Sherre Vernon

I was poor in Atlanta and you reached for the space of vowels. My feet chapped though Midtown. Incapable of casing, my skin raked itself to a bare percussion, my soles shuffled themselves to stone. A dirt road along the infantile rubbing of gnats. I dug for you, Peter, in Read More

“The Unraveling” by Taunja Thomson

Scarlet honey hag kisses lightly offers silver Orion no rusting shuts the door on your ebony brooding: when will you weaken give in to madness take her talisman? Apples are for vision. She is foxglove and hemlock a patina curling off of lunar bones your cinnamon bane hair of fern Read More