Restless: An E-Zine

“Santa Clara Server Room” by Henry Crawford

it’s already [tomorrow] in Shanghai [midnight] in [Palo Alto] and I’m working with Kumar “Leisure Suit Larry” using [SQL commands] on big iron [Oracle] with [SELECT statements] and [WHERE clauses] searching [container] ships for a [box] gone missing in the South China Sea [an odd lot] of Jimmy Buffet [bobble Read More

“The Fairy Tale My Editor Rejected” by Alina Stefanescu

I wanted to write a fairy tale about fracking. The tale would include special creatures, frack-fairies, with seven-syllable chemical superpowers and tiny parcels of invisible frack-dust said to cover the meadows at midnight. There would be magical events, Frackfests, when stars would shoot up from cracks in the earth’s crust Read More