Salt Broadsheet



6 1/2″ x 8″ signed and hand-numbered broadsheet with 4oz glass bottle of lemon verbena bath salts


*Runner up to the 2012 Anything Goes Contest*

Salt is a single poem about wounds visible and invisible, about illusion and disillusion, about running into truth. It is a poem about time and standing still. It is a poem about observing, about looking at the world, and pausing to see, to absorb, the way the water absorbs bath salts. All this, and it is only 29 lines, most of them a few words.

This unique poetry broadsheet ships with a 4oz bottle of crimson lemon verbena bath salts. The salts are a mixture of Atlantic sea salt and Epsom salts. Use them or display them with the poem, which will stand nicely without a frame on a book stand or easel. Or, put them both in a shadow box and hang it on your wall.