Moon Law Chapbook



5″ x 7″ x 21 fully illustrated postcards in a clear box


*Winner of the Anything Goes Contest*

A story told in poems, Moon Law could happen to anyone. A couple struggles to hold onto normality and life’s more important elements in the midst of a fascinating new environment. Paralleling modern culture, Moon Law mirrors a societal hunger for ostentatious lifestyles that gnaws on the intimacy of personal relationships.

Initially evolving from a former presidential candidate’s goal to colonize the moon, Moon Law takes its inspiration from many sources. It is a thematic collage of the unreality of reality TV, the high-speed delivery of low-quality information, the dual moons and lunacy of Murakami’s IQ84, and an increased hypersensitivity to everything. Moon Law is a story not just about the Moon, but about everything bigger and smaller than it, as well.

Inside view:

“Page” one, back and front.

A few images from the book.