“Probably Enough” by Jason Kish

January 12, 2016

Love is the bedroom of your affair,
the man forgot his jacket; I saw him
naked, fleeing downstairs.
Slipped on rose petals I
laid before he arrived.
I hear he was just
the latest guy.

In the memory of your body,
I recall a sour taste.
A candy apple now rotten,
but it mustn’t be
the case.

It’s apples and oranges
and “old history.”
Sometimes we decorate
the house with
white skeletons,
and perfect

I collect these thoughts into precious pieces;
I count poetry like it’s Halloween
candy, and it’s a good haul.
But, my lonely hands shake
for more than a drink
each night.

On television
a maniacal werewolf howls.
I laugh, but I’m nervous still.

In October you dressed as yourself
in the skirt he liked to chase.
Fashioned yourself a modern gal
in the old girl’s place.
Told me not to leave; I had
taken your sleeping pills.
I didn’t want to drive,
but I needed
cool air.

Sometimes greedy like I was,
I stitch a costume
of flesh and blood.
I pretend I’m happy,
and it’s probably


jasonkishJason Kish is a freelance writer from Western Pennsylvania, who primarily focuses on issues pertaining to mental illness, death, and spirituality. You can learn more about him at neversocrates.deviantart.com.

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