“Plagues of Egypt” by Jennifer Ruth Jackson

September 22, 2015

She sustained the boils without a whimper
Slept next to rotting, bloated frog bodies
Consumed flies and locusts in her dreams
Rinsing her mouth with muddy water
When the Nile turned as red
As the welts raised by clomping hail

But three days of fiery darkness
Lit fear like a lantern
Whispers of the final plague
Reached her like a slap

And when it came to her doorstep found
No sons, nor daughters, and passed her by
They slept eternally at her side
As she watched it pass, poisoned cup to her lips


JenniferRJacksonJennifer Ruth Jackson can’t draw or act so she writes poems and short stories.  Her work has been published in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Kaleidoscope Magazine, and more.  When she’s not writing, you can catch her playing video games or making jewelry.  She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their houseplant, Hubey.

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