Photos from the Bamboo City launch

If you weren’t in Pittsburgh or weren’t able to make it to Chatham’s campus for the Bamboo City launch party on April 12, that’s okay. We took photos, so you could re-live the launch with us. Unfortunately, no one has invented a way to transport wine through the Internet yet, so you’ll have to provide your own.

Publisher Kelly Lynn Thomas and author Israel Centeno pose with copies of Bamboo City. / Photo by Camila Centeno, 4/12/12

The book launch featured not only Wild Age Press and Israel’s (amazing) chapbook, but 15 other start-up independent literary presses, all run by students of Professor Peter Oresick’s Independent Literary Publishing class. My classmates published authors like Jan Beatty, Jorie Graham, and Luis Alberto Urrea. I thought all of our books looked great, although of course, Bamboo City is the best! (I am a little bit biased. Just a little.)

Israel Centeno reading an excerpt from Bamboo City. / Photo by Camila Centeno, 4/12/12

Each author read for three to six minutes, with an intermission in between. It was a long evening, but most of the crowd (at least 100+ people) staid around for the entire thing. It was that good. Israel read an excerpt from the story “Telepaths in Bamboo City” in Spanish, and then I read the same in English. If you’d like to hear a sample of Israel reading, check out the Bamboo City book trailer: “Bamboo City, Summertime.”

We still have a very limited number of copies left, so if you’d like to order one, please email us at wildagepress[at]gmail[dot]com! (We should have online ordering set up soon.)

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  1. Felicitaciones!!! Estamos MUY orgullosos de ti y encantados de saber de cada uno de tus exitos….adelante!! Talento es lo que sobra… Nidia y Josef

  2. Felicitaciones tambien para la fltografa de lujo…genial!!!

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