“Perseid” by Stephanie Schultz

April 19, 2016

When you see it you’ll know
it’s not your eyes playing tricks
the bats swooping through the air
(not) seeing streaks across the northeast sky
comet tails, the proof of shooting stars.

It will come suddenly
you’ll gasp
and I’ll say “What, what”
and you’ll wonder from the top
of the great dark bluff above the river
if you were the only person to see that one
if you’ll always have it to yourself.


Stephanie_Schultz-__StephanieSchultz_headshotStephanie Schultz’s poems have recently appeared in South Dakota Magazine, Origins Journal, and Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America. She received her MFA in creative writing from Hamline University, and lives in St. Paul, MN, where she is currently serving one year as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. In 2016, her poem “Golden Hour in Sage Creek” was a First Prize Winner in the National Park Service’s Centennial Project Contest.

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