“Id entity” by Coco Owen

January 6, 2015

[My]     id  entity     does  n’t     know     all     my  selves,
r  aced     &     g  end  e  red     into     t  his     two-     p  art  y     system.

Id  entity     s  woo  ns     on     the     anal  yst’s     c  ouch,
freely     ass  ociating     [and     I’m     t  he     the  rapist].

[My]     she     id  entity     lives     in      Freudian     fear     of
t  his     need     to     r  un     he  r  self     like     wolves.

Id  entity     jumps     th  rough     the     g  lass     ceiling,
ig  nor  ing     the     l  id     Freud     tr  ied     to     put     on     it.

[My]     he     id  entity     ex  presses     him  self     in     v  ill  age-
id  iot     g  loss  olalia:     Yo     psycho  rabble,

hysteria     isn’t     a     hurt  ling,     w  and  ering     womb;
it     isn’t     en  vying     t  he     in-thing     a     pen  is     is.

[My]     id  entity     is     n  either     inn  er     no  r     under     we  ar,
but     t  his     id  iolect     I     he  ar     myself     sh  outing.


cocoowenCoco Owen is a stay-at-home poet in Los Angeles. She has published poems in the Antioch Review, 1913, The Journal, Rio Grande Review and CutBank, among other venues. She has an M.A. in comparative literature, a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and last worked at Reed College. She also serves on the board of Les Figues Press and has co-curated Mrs. Porter’s, the Press’s literary salon. More of her work can be found at: www.cocoowenphd.com.

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