Exquisite Corpses at the 2016 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

May 10, 2016

Exquisite Corpse is a story-telling game in which you can only see the most recent sentence. Here’s what attendees to the 2016 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair came up with.


Photo of the Exquisite Corpse board.

It’s a dog’s life, digging past the dirt, only to reveal the bones and the occasional frozen corpses of wild coyotes railing at the spring moon. Dare to right size the world. Reduce, reuse, recycle Soylent Green—is you is or is you ain’t people? A person’s a person, no matter how small or ugly. And anyway, it’s the big and the beautiful ones you should worry about. When they squirm in the wind, you’ll see.

She signed and adjusted the heavy knapsack on her back. A quick thought occurred—“You must encourage those close to you to speak in full sentences. It’s not negotiable.”

“Not negotiable?” she scoffed, lounging her chair. “My dear, wearing flip flops and socks should be the only thing ‘not negotiable’ in this world.”

Blinded by porcelain skin contrast to the modern tanning of America, it was easy to overlook something else, something more ominous, that in the days and weeks to come, he’d wonder how he could have missed.

But then again, nothing is ominous, but thinking makes it so.


exquisite corpse2
I went walking in the wasted city. It was empty until I saw a croissant-looking thing in the sky. The man walked out of the room. He tore down the hallway, turned a corner, and descended a staircase in seconds. Then, at the bottom of that well, he already found her soul… barren and a kidney cut from within. Enough kidney to make a soup for the family, in the presence of, or lack thereof, a soul.

My thoughts always drift to soup eventually—what was I talking about? I knew the thought was in there somewhere, but as with the thickness of cheese or onion soup, it got lost in the muck. The muck, by the way, reminded me of that summer I swan in the upper atmosphere of Saturn. After walking out of the pool, I had goosebumps, because I had just learned my towel was in the muck, and I had enough of the muck between my toes already. I gazed into the sky and sighed, unknowing.

The stars winked, mocking my ignorance, as though they kept all secrets just out of reach. It was like the trees were breathing, they were creaking and creeping in. But there were no trees. The record had ended and needed to be flipped.

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