“Dear Mr. President, Thank You for the Bombs” by Travis Craig

March 13, 2018

This poem is part of our #BlackLivesMatter special issue, guest-edited by Katrina Otuonye. Read more at our #BlackLivesMatter2018 tag.

Dear Mr. President, Thank You for the Bombs

all these people know is
the rent is not free

all they see is
a renaissance on its deathbed

they see
politics like pigs gone crazy reading Nietzsche

they see
the fulfilled prophesies of filthy mystics
whose tongues

gesture plastic righteousness

they see
society come-alive with red-carpet ignorance

they see
a fugitive truth

but all’s well that ends in sorrow

with an ending beginning
like a warm hole to sleep in

to those days
full of small thinking and familiar stifles

to the monotonous

pitiful fantasy belched out in flames

to the superior plague
in the old house of statistical murder

to our constant churning
gliding through common emptiness

to this dull continent
and its promising song

dear mr. president
thank you for the bombs


Travis CraigTravis Craig is a writer, visual artist, and musician based in Birmingham, AL. His novel, 99 City, is available from Kyteflyte Press.

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