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Prescription Bottle Project Update

Thank you for all your submissions to the Prescription Bottle Project! Submissions closed on September 1. We’re still going through them, and probably will be for awhile. We don’t currently have an estimated completion date.

I’m sorry that it’s taking longer than expected, but we want to give each submission the time and care it deserves. If you haven’t heard back from us yet, your submission is still under consideration.

Although we had originally planned to publish the first prescription in January, we are most likely going to have to push that date back because of the volume of submissions and the fact that we have such a small staff (er… of one).

Stay tuned for updates.

10 days left for the Anything Goes Contest; Prescription Bottle Project postponed

If you haven’t gotten your entries in for the Anything Goes Contest, you’ve still got a little more than a week. The contest closes on Friday, June 15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (meaning if it gets into our inbox after midnight, it won’t be eligible for the contest). A winner will be announced by July 31, 2012, and runner-ups will also be considered for publication.

Because of the high volume of quality submissions we’re receiving for the Anything Goes Contest (seriously, you guys are blowing our minds), and because of our small staff, we’ve decided to postpone the Prescription Bottle Project. We will now be reading submissions for that during the month of December. This means you can send us a submission any time before then, but we aren’t going to look at it until December.

If you have already sent us something, you do not need to resubmit. However, if you would like to withdraw your submission because of the now 6 month response time, we understand, and you may do so by sending an email to wildagepress[at]

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