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“Ode to Martin Luther King” by Clara B. Jones

In Selma with you/We’re in the same boat now./walking past Liuzzo’s shattered win- dow/the appalling silence/death was Phy- sics realized/hate is too great a burden to bear/your dreams immaterial/never lose infinite hope/like a mind enslaved by memories of abuse./What are you doing for others?/Fantasy is relative, a temporary tactic ending Read More

“Probably Enough” by Jason Kish

Love is the bedroom of your affair, the man forgot his jacket; I saw him naked, fleeing downstairs. Slipped on rose petals I laid before he arrived. I hear he was just the latest guy. In the memory of your body, I recall a sour taste. A candy apple now Read More

“Unhinged” by Sarah Gajkowski-Hill

pressure-coated in panic i say it’s the weather that’s got me nostalgic or perhaps the druggie music i saw the singer fall down one balmy night with the palm trees unbending “music is a precocious mistress” he nodded and cracked a lozenge in half all straight-faced and tragic.   Originally Read More

“you awaken to strange sounds” by Larry Blazek

in the back room you assume it is Kat opening the front door you notice that the steps are gone someone has jacked up the trailer you climb down the pipes leak profusely   Larry Blazek was born in Northern Indiana, but moved to the southern part because the climate Read More

“Spin” by Meg Reynolds

Rain comes and I watch the drops clapping on crab apple trees. The fruit already swells with autumn in August, red hankers on the branch. Last night’s sunset loosed into liquid, quiet, shocking that such a finale comes down as quietly as the spider I had to crush in the Read More