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“Chinglish vs Americhina” by Yuan Changming

Under our great gunvernment Which now hates z-turning most Our society is a true socialist democrazy Full of shitizens (and stupigs) While many a department and its head Are trying to pursue propoorpty As well as a fine sexretary Most other chinsumers love to Demonstrate their amimale In front of Read More

“Perseid” by Stephanie Schultz

When you see it you’ll know it’s not your eyes playing tricks the bats swooping through the air (not) seeing streaks across the northeast sky comet tails, the proof of shooting stars. It will come suddenly you’ll gasp and I’ll say “What, what” and you’ll wonder from the top of Read More

“Riding the borrowed cow back home” by Kelli Allen

Do not expect me to court forgetfulness, not now after I have allowed you to hug my grief under more than a willow. You slept all night with every window closed and this perishable body memorized the recklessness of your stillness. We confessed so little, but I found this poem Read More

“Undefined (After Sylvia Plath)” by Sharon Scholl

Years come like mice from dusty corners of dark rooms where furniture lacks the solidity to define me. I am the gray, so ambiguous it freezes into shape. O Creator, I do not see myself in you, in your eye-cracking brightness slashed by comets. Your here, your there are intractable. Read More

“Shoveled Darkness” by Donald Illich

I wanted Winter to come, to blast suicides, freeze them in graves. I begged for snow, to climb the roof, to slide down our sides. I wished for everything to be as cold, white as my heart, to be as lifeless as city sidewalk. When the dead come to bring Read More