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“When Your Rapist Friends You On Facebook” by Birdie Turner

You see the red indicator over the image of two heads in the right hand corner and you put your cursor over it and click. You inhale slightly and your pulse quickens when you see the name and his piercing green eyes that you will never, ever, forget. You realize Read More

“There’s another crackle over the loudspeaker, and this time it comes through clearly.” by Ariel N Kates

Ladies and gentlemen we appreciate your patience at this time. If you’re not already in the car with the marching band, please step aside out of courtesy, as they will be making their way up and down the train for your enjoyment, slaloming in and out of the doors, playing Read More

“The Road of My Desire or How The Way Forward Never Is” by J. Howard Shannon

The Road of My Desire is long and seemingly straight, leading to where we are going, but the undulating hills, drumlins, dunes, decades and devoutly wished consummations hide the curves of the black ribbon, letting it twist and turn when out of view. The Road of My Desire is long Read More

“I-80 & 49th” by Mark Crimmins

She blew out of Frisco and piled across the Bay Bridge in her trusty rusty Nova and kept going to Sacramento and right up into the Sierras and over the Donner Pass—the poor bastards that perished there!—and on to Reno and Sparks and across the Great Basin to Winnemucca (now Read More

“What It Feels Like to be a Lesbian at a Straight Bar” by Sarah Cooper

For the entire month of June RESTLESS is celebrating Pride by featuring work exclusively by LGBTQ writers. Check out the “Pride2015” tag for more. When a man at the bar says to you, “Maybe you should date a guy, you might like it!” you fire back, “Maybe you should date Read More