“Brain-Eating Amoeba” by Jacqueline Jules

May 17, 2016

A boy died in Houston today.
Victim of a brain-eating amoeba.
CNN says there are 2.5 cases a year.

Maybe I should stop swimming in lakes.

Never mind the dozens not stricken
on that sunny summer day
in the same shimmering water.

I must add it to my nightmares—
a parasite that enters the nose
and travels to the brain

where it eats my last sane synapse,

proving once again
that the limitless list
of things to fear
is colonized
by bizarre organisms
best left buried
at the bottom of the lake.


Jacqueline_Jules-JJulesJuly2013Jacqueline Jules is the author of the poetry chapbooks Field Trip to the Museum from Finishing Line Press and Stronger Than Cleopatra from ELJ publications. Her poetry has appeared in over 100 journals including Inkwell, Soundings Review, The Innisfree Poetry Journal, Gargoyle, Imitation Fruit, Calyx, Connecticut River Review, and Pirene’s Fountain. She is also the author of 30 books for young readers including the Zapato Power series and Never Say a Mean Word Again. Visit her at www.jacquelinejules.com.

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