Salt by Laura LeHew

*Runner Up in the 2012 Anything Goes Contest*

$10, poetry, limited edition broadsheet accompanied by a 4 oz. bottle of lemon verbena bath salts

Salt BookmarkAbout the Book: “Salt” is a single poem about wounds visible and invisible, about illusion and disillusion, about running into truth. It is a poem about time and standing still. It is a poem about observing, about looking at the world, and pausing to see, to absorb, the way the water absorbs bath salts. All this, and it is only 29 lines, most of them a few words.

About the Author: Laura LeHew is an award winning poet with a myriad of work appearing in national and international journals/anthologies like the Ambush Review, Anobium, Collecting Life:  Poets on Objects Known and Imagined, Eating Her Wedding Dress: A Collection of Clothing Poems from Ragged Sky Press, Eleven Eleven, Filling Station and PANK. It’s Always Night, It Always Rains was published in the 2012 anthology Ashes Caught on the Edge: 10 Chapbooks (Winterhawk Press Books). Willingly Would I Burn came out in spring 2013 (MoonPath Press). Beauty (Tiger’s Eye Press) is in its 3rd printing.

Laura-SultanLaura received her MFA in writing from the California College of the Arts, writing residencies from Soapstone and the Montana Artists Refuge and interned for CALYX Journal. She guest edited The Medulla Review. Laura is the editor of Cascadia (a student contest awards anthology), former President and former Contest Chair for the Oregon Poetry Association, and is on the steering committee of the Lane Literary Guild. Uttered Chaos, her small press, has produced 8 books and 2 anthologies by local authors. Laura writes, edits and sharpens her claws in Eugene, Oregon.

Laura lives in the realm of possibility, where anything can happen. She is constantly thinking of new ideas and themes to convey in her work. Her intent is to create works that are formally and aesthetically engaging while conceptually connecting with the everyday; to deify the ordinary into the extraordinary; to question realities—social, political and otherwise. Poetry is a way to explore and understand those ideas which frustrate and confront her.


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