The literature we publish doesn’t play nice. In fact, it may leave you with a black eye and some broken ribs.

If you like books that will let you escape to worlds full of magic, plucky adventure, or happy endings, you probably won’t like our titles.

But, if you like literature that transports you to twisted versions of the most uncomfortable aspects of the spaces we inhabit physically and metaphorically, join us for awhile. Have a cup of coffee (black, of course), and enjoy traveling along the sharp edges of human nature with us.

Our Titles:

SALT by Laura LeHew (poetry): Runner Up of the 2012 Anything Goes Goes Contest, “Salt” explores wounds both visible and invisible.

MOON LAW by Samantha Duncan (narrative poetry): Winner of the 2012 Anything Goes Contest, Moon Law mirrors a societal hunger for ostentatious lifestyles that gnaws on the intimacy of personal relationships.

BAMBOO CITY by Israel Centeno (bilingual, hybrid fiction/poetry): In his English-language debut, Centeno explores the spaces between dreams, reality, and fantasy with prose that cuts through to our deepest secrets.

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