Announcing Restless: A Literary E-Zine

August 17, 2014

Morning GloryWild Age Press is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of a new online literary magazine. Restless will bring you daily doses of flash fiction, short poetry, mini book reviews, interviews with awesome literary and other cool folks we think you should hear from, as well as artwork, photography, comics, and other miscellany.

Restless isn’t going to be just any lit mag. We’re going to focus on the edgiest work being written today, the things more conservative journals are too scared to touch. We want your best, scariest (but not in a Stephen King kind of way), most experimental work. We want work that’s going to keep us up at night.

One of the unique features of our new e-zine will be postcard literature. But we’re not going to be sending these postcards to you, oh no. We want you to send them to us. Decorate a postcard and write a story or poem on the back, or find a bizarre postcard on your vacation and write a poem inspired by the picture, or interpret this theme on your own terms and then mail the results to Wild Age Press at P.O. Box 6665, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212. We’ll scan the best ones and publish them on Restless.

See the full call for submissions on our Submissions page. Or, if you have an idea for an ongoing literary-themed monthly column, feel free to query editor [at]

We are also happy to announce that we’ve moved our submissions over to the Submittable submission manager, where we are currently accepting submissions for Restless, which will begin publication November 1 January 2, 2015. Click here to send us your flash fiction, short poems, visual art, and other stuff using Submittable now!



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